Thursday, February 18, 2010


Do I not have the CUTEST boy in the world!?! That smile....those eyes....the hair....ahhhh! My heart is so filled.

The little wheels in Samuel's brain are smoking these days. He loves to copy everything, sounds and actions. He says, "da da da da," "ma ma ma ma," "uh oh," and "la la la la." He loves to cluck his tongue and says "mmmm" after tasting foods. He loves stacking and knocking over blocks, puzzles, being tickled, playing "peak" and "I'm going to get you." He tries to crawl away REALLY fast. And then he'll stop and look back to see if I'm really coming after him. He squeals with delight every time I catch him.

He hates being dressed or undressed, but loves his bath and will cry when he has to come out (just short of his skin pickling).

He loves holding cold things like Daddy's soda cans and can spot them across the room (Remember to put them higher, Daddy.).

For many months he's pulled himself across the floor on his belly (army crawl). Now he finally really crawls, but still loves to do the "army crawl." It certainly doesn't slow him down any....the cats are in real trouble! It's a good thing they can run fast. He loves them, but they hate him. We are working on "gentle," but the concept is still a little fuzzy. He can pull himself up on anything and I've had to move everything from the tops of our end tables. His goal in life seems to be trying to get his hands on the tv remotes, which he loves, along with listening on the phone.

He loves his morning bottle, but will push it away when he's had enough.

Samuel loves to be rocked and read books, especially when he's tired. (Ignore the lack of makeup on Mommy...we are both ready for bed in this picture.)

He is very attached to Mommy. We are fine at home, but when there are other people visiting, I can barely be out of his sight before he starts to fuss. Around the age of two or two and a half I'm going to put him in the church preschool for a couple mornings a week (for 2-3 hours), just to get him more socialized. When it's warmer this spring and summer and everyone is out in the cul-de-sac and the park (which is just across the street), he'll have more exposer to people. By then he should be walking and I'll have to take up jogging just to keep up.

I can't believe that he's almost 15 months old....the time has ROCKETED by.


Brittney said...

awww hes adorable

Rebekah said...

It just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?

Connie said...

I LOVE to hear the updates on Samuel. What a cutie!

Yeah, I remember when I wore makeup...

Baby Wanted said...

I will have to agree with you on this one! He is such a handsome little boy!

LOL, I'm loving the post below this. This was my biggest gripe when I was teaching...I hate seeing boys with poopy pants!

Jacksmom said...

He is very cute!