Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Sam changed a lot in 2010. He went from not walking or talking to running and repeating every other word I say. We started therapy.....OT, PT and SLP! He's really made a lot of progress. He has definite opinions on clothes, toys and food too. He can now drink out of cup (no more bottles), brush his teeth, take off most of his clothes, put on his shoes, feed himself, gives high-fives and "knuckles" too. He's even learned to salute. He loves playing chase, coloring, playing with cars and building. He also loves lining things up....anything....rocks, marbles, cars etc....straight lines, ha ha. I am loving this age. His personality is really starting to show....we need to work on the attitude (temper tantrums) which is starting to assert itself too, but we're all a work in progress, right.?!

Richard and I both got tattoos. Which really shocked everyone! Our big purchases were a washer, dryer and a computer. Our trips this year included very close to home: the zoo, duck pond and Madrid, NM and our big vacation was Vegas Baby! We finally got the amendment to our 2008 taxes finished too, which came at just the right time.

The big stressers this year were my mother's stroke last February, car sales being in the crapper and being micromanaged to death at work.

I'm looking forward to a better economy....PLEASE....and hopefully a change in scenery, as far as schools go, for me.

Back in 1998-1999 I lived with my brother and sister-in-law for about 8 months and, boy, did I learn a lot. Along with how to balance my checkbook, what a good marriage looks like, cooking tips and how to knocks down walls, I also learned to set GOALS instead of making RESOLUTIONS, which no one keeps anyway. I usually have about 10, including ones I know will happen. Usually I hit at least half to three-quarters of them.


* save $5000
* find a play group or preschool for Sam
* gain 10 pounds
* read 60 books (I read 47 last year.)
* take a trip to California
* potty train Sam
* find a school, closer to home
* be a better wife....I'm quick to become irritated...I need to be more patient.
* try 3 new recipes a month
* find a solution for our backyard landscaping



Connie said...

Cooking tips? What???!!!

But I do like the "good marriage" part. We hit the 20 year mark this year. Amazing!

Michele said...

Hi Tracey, I loved reading about your goals for 2011! I pray you reach them all. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your little guy is gettins SO BIG!! :-)