Thursday, January 14, 2010


Driving to work this morning, the car following very close behind me (I couldn't see his head lights) went around me while I was making a right hand turn. Good thing there was a green arrow. Whatever...I ignored it....

I pulled up behind the same car at the next red light. Speeding really helped you, didn't it. His front end was half way out in the inner section...literally the white line was almost under his back tires.

As we continue to drive he changes lanes twice without using his turn signal.

I'm behind him again at the next light and I see he is now talking on his cell phone.

I then realize why he hasn't used his left turn signal....the light is busted out on that side.

Light turns green and in the middle of the four way inner section, he pulls around a large truck, on the right.

At the next red light I lose him because he decides to blow through that one.

So how many violations did you count....that makes 11....but the last one is going to cost him....IT HAD A RED LIGHT CAMERA! KARMA, BABY!

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