Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Being a new mother I seem to get a lot of advice, which can be helpful, but is also very frustrating when it's from people who are insistent that their way is the BEST way. I also get advice (because I'm an adoptive mother) from those who think that my son is just a stand-in until I get "the real thing."

Each week I will post a new question. I'd love it if you'd play along and offer us new mothers your pearls of wisdom.




Becky said...

My kids did not have a pillow until they transitioned to a bigger kid bed, about 2 yrs. old. I've just started letting the baby have a stuffed animal with him at a year old. He doesn't really care about it tho! ha!

birthmothertalks said...

I didn't give mine a pillow until they were in a big boys bed. I have a question for you? Do you really think you are singled out for parenting advice, because you adopted your son. I would love to see what other adoptive parents feel about this. I think Mom's are so excited when you join the Mom club that they just want to talk to you about being a mom. No offense meant here. I am just curious.

Tracey said...

No, I don't think I was "singled out for parenting advice, because you adopted your son"....I never said I was. And I"m not trying to give parenting advice in these posts...I'm curious as to what other's advice is on the subject.

birthmothertalks said...

I think the posts are great, because so many of your folowers are new Moms. You do say that "I also get advice (because I am a adoptive Mother) from those that think my son is just a stand in until "I get the real thing"
Also, I think I worded my post wrong and for that I am sorry. I meant to say do you think people offer you advice because you adopted your son. I mean no harm. You are a new Mom and in a new club. I was just wondering do adoptive Mom's feel that people offer up more advice to them than when people give birth to their child. I love your posts about the parenting advice, but I am an old Mom. I don't have babies anymore so I really don't have much to offer to them. Sorry if you thought I was being mean.