Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Life and Times of The Stick Family #1

Hi, my name is Spencer Stick...

and this is my wife, Sarah, my son, Sawyer and my daughter, Sophia.

And...introducing our newest....little baby Samantha.

We had an amazing wedding day. Isn't my wife beautiful!

I built our home, myself.

Here is our cat Sassy....

...and our dog, Scooter.

We have very important jobs in this warn you about EVERYTHING!

We take our jobs very seriously.

You wouldn't think my job can be dangerous, but it can. Here is a job I did recently down in Florida.

We're big in Asia too. Here is a job my wife and kids did in China.

My wife is an amazing actress. Here we are in a roll as senior citizens for a local retirement community.

We even have our own clothing line.

Life's not all work. We know how to have fun too.

Here is a picture of my son roasting marshmallows....and... daughter swimming, when we went camping last year.

Join me as I chronicle our lives.

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Jill said...

Thanks for the good laugh! HeeHee!