Monday, January 25, 2010


* I am a rule follower. It drives me nuts when I follow the rules and the one time I don't, I get slammed. Others who never follow the rules rarely get slammed. And when I get upset with them because it confuses little humans, I am the one that is being too "rigid." If we are not going to make everyone abide by the rule, why have the rule then?

* Paperwork that is repetitive and clearly just a time filler.

* Asking and expecting people to be "flexible" when more and more #$%@ is thrown at them, but also expecting the same amount or more and a better quality of work to be accomplished.

* Multiple programs running at the same time, but never focusing so therefore nothing is done well. Just another program to implement.

* Call CYFD (child protective services) to report issues and when the social worker chats with office my absent/tardy data does not match theirs because they aren't keeping up with entering the data. Sixteen days absent and 47 tardies (me) are a lot different then 3 absences and 1 tardy (office). If this is happening with one student, I wonder how many others they are behind on.


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