Tuesday, January 26, 2010


To review, Jake, 31, pilot from Dallas, had cut the "herd" to 9, last week. The big drama was Michelle being asked to leave before the rose ceremony. Now he has to cut three more.


#1 Gia, 26, Swimsuit Model: Jake has a one-on-one with her and she does get a ROSE! I now think she should be CUT! She is too immature. She thinks Jake is "PERFECT."

Then there is a group date, where they play on Pismo Beach.

#2 Tenley, 25, College Admissions: She opens up to Jake and gets the ROSE. I now like her. She's a KEEP for me.

Finally, there is a two-on-one date with Kathryn and Ella. Jake could have given a rose to one of them, but decides to CUT both of them!

Ella, 30, Hair Stylist: I was a little shocked he CUT her, but glad. She needs to go home to her son.

Kathryn, 25, Corporate Flight Attendant: I feel this was a good CUT. It was very apparent that Jake had NO chemistry with her.


#3 Ali, 25, Advertising Account Manager: I actually like her now. Personally, I think, she is the best choice for him. KEEP!

#4 Corrie, 23, Wardrobe Consultant: She may be too immature for Jake, but she opened up to him this week. She is so, so young. For now she is a KEEP for me.

At this point, Jake has two roses left to give, but he becomes very emotional and leaves the room and talks with Chris, the host. He asks if he has to give out both rose. Of the three girls left, he only has one more he wants to keep. So, Chris, takes away one of the roses and Jake give the last one to......UGGGHHH......

#5 Vienna, 23, Marketing Representative: She is extremely needy and I'm actually surprised she made it this far. Of the girls left, I feel, she is the least compatible with Jake. CUT!


Jessie, 25, Cosmetic Sales Manager: She's kind of boring and they never really got to know each other. So, I'm ok with this CUT.

Ashleigh, 25, Account Manager: It was obvious, this week, that they really have no connection. They couldn't even make small talk. Although she cried because she thought they really hit it off. This just shows that most women really have no clue when a man isn't INTO them.

So, out of the 5 girls left, I would cut 2! Let's see how I do next week.


BB said...

I love these! I don't get to watch on Mondays and I watch later online, so I love your little summaries!

Jill said...

You crack me up! I no longer have to waste my time watching because I can check in here! Thanks girl!