Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

This is my most favorite Christmas show of all times! I love everything about it: the songs, the claymation, the plot and the actors. I has now taken on a special significance to me because...did you know....Santa was adopted by the Kringles.

Fred Astaire narrates this story as he answers children's questions about Santa.

What? You've never heard the story.....hold on to your we go (the Cliff Notes version)....A baby is found wrapped in a blanket, on the steps of the Burgermeister Meisterburger's house. All he has with him is a tag that says "Claus" and a beautiful letter from his birth mother. Burgermeister Meisterburger tells the soldier to take the baby to the "orphan asylum." Boo...hisssss!

The soldier loses the baby in a snow storm and the animals bring the baby to the Kringle's house. The Brother's Kringle (Wingle, Tingle, Zingle and Bingle) find the baby after the animals put the baby on their door step.

Tanta Kringle raises the baby as her own. She's a homeschooler! The Kringle's were once Royal Toymakers and Kris Kringle promises to make them famous toymakers once again, someday.


It's a difficult responsibility
When you an accept an appointment from his majesty
You must strive for just the perfect quality
When you're the first toymaker to the king!

When he comes of age, Kris decides to take the toys to the children in Somber Town. Along the way he meets, Topper, a lost penguin that is looking for the South Pole.

On their way they are almost caught by the Winter Warlock, but at the last minute they get away.

As they approach Somber Town, the Burgermeister Meisterburger trips on a toy, hurting his foot and then declares all toys illegal.


It's a difficult responsibility
That he extract from the Number 1 lawkeeper, me
Be it known throughout the land from sea to sea
Toys are hereby declared Illegal, immoral, unlawful
Anyone found with a toy in his possession
Will be placed under arrest and thrown in the dungeon!
There'll be no more toymakers to the King!

Kris Kringle meets Jessica, who he wins over by giving her a doll and then they both give the rest of the gifts to the children.

On his way home, Kris and Topper are caught by the trees in the Warlock's forest and after he gives the Warlock a Choo-Choo they become friends. Kris Kringle teaches the Winter Warlock that he can become a better person just by putting "ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER."


If you want to change your direction
If you're time of life is at hand
Well don't be the rule -- be the exception
A good way to start is to stand.

Put one foot in front of the other
And soon you'll be walkin 'cross the flo-o-or
Put one foot in front of the other
And soon you'll be walkin' out the door.

The Burgermeister Meisterburger then makes repeated attempts to capture Kris. In the process of Kris trying to evade him, he learns how to climb down chimneys and to hide presents in stockings. Eventually Kris and his friends are captured and thrown in the dungeon, but through the power of the Winter Warlocks magic seed corn the reindeer fly everyone back home.

Jessica marries Kris on Christmas Eve, "the holiest night of the year," and together they build a castle and toy factory at the North Pole.

At first Kris is considered an outlaw, but overtime the burgermeisters die out of favor with the people and Santa decides to cut his gift giving trips to once a year, again on Christmas Eve.


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Sonya said...

I have to tell you about last year when we watched this with our then 6 year old Silas. He asked if he had a necklace with his name on it when we got him. We said no, then he asked what his birthmom named him. Knowing that she didn't, I told him we would ask her when we saw her at Christmas. I emailed her a heads-up, but she said it was an easy answer---she called him "Angel" because he was sent for all of us to love! So at Christmas, I prompted him to ask her. She told him and gave him a hug. You never know when those teachable moments will pop up!!