Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It was a choice!

Today, I heard a reporter say that now everyone will know Tiger Woods is "human." I do not think that because he CHOSE to have an affair that he is human. Believe it or not, there are some men out there that CHOOSE to be faithful. I'm related to quite a few of them. I choose to believe that it is not a "normal" characteristic to be a lier and a cheat. It is a choice.

The public figures (actors, sports figures, politicians, clergy, singers etc.) that are on my list of those I respect are there because of the honorable lives they choose to live. They may be famous, but they are down to earth, can laugh at themselves and show they love their families by the actions they choose. I can still respect someone that makes a mistake, as long as they don't try to cover it up and they aren't apologizing because they got caught. Tiger Woods now must live with the choices he has made and, I am disappointed to say, my list is one shorter.


Jill said...

Enough said!

Mountain Girl said...

Yea, I agree and I am sick of hearing all the publicity about how he wants his privacy. I think if you choose to become a professional athlete, public figure, etc. THEN your life is pretty much an open book! And choosing to have an affair....well, I'm sure everyone else has heard about all the other public figures who have chosen to have affairs and have watched what has happened to them. I also liked your post on how to apologize.