Monday, December 28, 2009


On Christmas Eve we traditionally get together at Super Aunt Genie's house and open presents from family. Santa's gifts are opened Christmas day, of course. So last night we all joined together once again....and much laughter was had....

My mother learned to be frugal very early on, especially since she raised 8 children. Well, one of the ways she saved was to reuse boxes. To this day, boxes from the previous Christmas, show up time after time after time. We laughed when Richard took the outside paper off of this one and in the corner was a tag saying, "To Mom, Love MaryKay."

This isn't so bad if it's clothes or something, but Richard learned not to trust the outside box, the hard way. Very soon after he joined out family, he unwrapped a present and the box showed a picture of a camcorder. He got VERY EXCITED, but I reminded him to wait until he looked inside. His smile disappeared when the camcorder box revealed a pair of pajamas. His comment, "That's just wrong!"

And the tradition is passed to Samuel....

Here is the box.....

...and here was the gift inside!


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