Saturday, November 28, 2009


I was intending on taking more pictures, but as the day progressed, things got a little hectic and I couldn't take pictures and cook at the same husband really needs to learn to use a camera...ha ha...otherwise Samuel, will look back at all these photos and never know he actually had a mom.

I don't have a dining room so, when it was time to eat, I served from the kitchen, buffet style, and we set up two folding tables, in this room, to eat on. The table looked very nice. I really wish I had a picture of it.

The menu included: turkey, stuffing, deviled eggs (Thanks, mom.) mashed potatoes (Yes, there were lumps...thanks, Uncle Kevin.), sweet pototoes, zucchini, cranberry sauce, rolls, gravy and for dessert, lemon bars, pumpkin pie, fudge and an AMAZING, TURTLE TRUFFLE, made by SUPER AUNT GENIE.

Samuel slept great in the morning, but in the afternoon, with all the company showing up, he didn't get an afternoon nap, so he was a little grumpy. He's not used to a lot of people being around, either, so was out of sorts. He's also getting his two, top, front teeth in and his mouth was really bothering him. Here is one of his happier times with his cousin, Jillian. Besides Motrin, and Mommy holding him, the only thing that soothes him is a FROZEN pacifier.

Here he is learning the fundamentals of how Jillian's camera works.

Samuel is teaching Jillian that he is much faster at tearing down the block tower, then she is at building it.

We watched football, cooked, laughed, got a lot of phone calls from the other siblings and had a great day. Hope your Thanksgiving was great too!

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