Monday, November 9, 2009


I told you I'd get these done!

I collected all the ingredients. The mason jars were hard to find. I had to order them from the online WalMart store and have them shipped to the WalMart close to me.

They are really quite easy. You just layer in the ingredients listed and then...

...attach the recipe card to the jar.

I decided to tape the recipe to the jar. The book shows pretty ribbon around the lid. Too much work for me!

I had enough to make 11 jars (ran out of brown sugar) and clean up in the 2 hours that Samuel was asleep this morning. I was watching THE VIEW too.

Aren't they pretty!?! Next year I think I'll do soup recipes.

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AJ said...

I have made these in the past... in fact my post tomorrow will be about this very gift idea!

If you have any fabric... Cut squares that will overlap on the sides and stick between the seal and the lid... so it sticks out on the sides and is visible on the top... ah, it makes no sense when I say it that way. Come by tomorrow and look if you want!