Monday, November 23, 2009


My brother, Mark, is a general contractor by trade. He is in the process of building his own home, doing most of the work himself. Here is the house so far. My sister-in-law, Connie, is documenting the process on her blog, JUMPING THE TRACKS.

This is what they call the UGLY SIDE of the house. It's so high that the tallest ladder he has won't reach the top.

So, he has to climb to the top of the ladder and then use his rock climbing gear to swing out....

...and then he pulls himself the rest of the way up.

He's an expert rock climber, so I am very confident in his skills. Wouldn't you like to see this in the contractors handbook on how to hang siding!?!


AJ said...

WOW! that is amazing. If that is the ugly side of your house, you have an amazing house! :)

AJ said...

Of course, I meant your brother's house... yeah. that's what I meant!
I gave you an award! Go visit me and get it!

Connie said...

The ugly side is thankfully done. Working on the front the last windows will go in!