Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In my most recent, on-line shopping, adventures I came across a great site for everything mobile. The site is called MOBILE FUN. It has anything you want for your mobile devices: accessories, parts, ringtones and games etc. I'm like a kid looking through the Christmas catalog.

The iphone accessories page includes this bluetooth headset, which I am in love with.

I also need an iphone case because I am always dropping mine. They have a variety to chose from, but I'm not sure which one is the right one for me yet. I might also need to get a screen protector too.

Then there is the iphone car charger, which works great for me because I have a long commute and if I forget to charge the phone at night, I can charge on my way to work. I wish I had bought one of these sooner. Do you know how many times I get to work and my cell phone is dead? Ugghh, what a headache!

I also like this site because they have a number of ways to search, like by manufacturer, by brand or by type. They have Blackberry accessories for my sister, the Palm for my brother and the T-Mobile stuff for me. Sometimes my husband will tell me he wants needs something and he'll just tell me the brand or what not, so now I can look it up easier. I think I found a new place to shop for Christmas.

My husband would love these Sony Ericsson MBS-400 Portable Bluetooth Speakers.

I wish I had this, Flip Video 2G Underwater Case when we were in Aruba snorkeling! It is so cool.

There is a lot of stuff for the Nintendo Wii here too.

I so want Santa to bring the Wii Fit this year!

I'm sure once I look through things a little more closely, I'll find more things that I just have to have. What are your favorite gadget sites?

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