Monday, October 5, 2009

ADOPTION ROUNDTABLE...How much to share?


The writing prompt for this week is:

"Figuring out boundaries is difficult when you write about your personal life. Any on-blog mention of family, friends or co-workers risks invading their privacy. Bloggers who write about or post pictures of their children are accused of exploitation. Where is the line between your own experience and other people's personal lives? What information is yours to share and what rightfully belongs to someone else?

Add the overlapping relationships of open adoption to the mix and you've got yourself a potential ethical and personal mess. And yet it's impossible to talk about one's open adoption experience without mentioning the people involved. Where do you draw the lines--on your blog and in your personal life--and why? What, if anything, don't you tell?"


My blog started out as an extention of my journal that I have kept since I was 12. In my journal I "SPEW" whatever is on my mind and I tended to write more during difficult periods in my life. Usually I average about 1 blank journal book a year, but, for instance, while going through my divorce I went through 5, in six months. It is very cathardic.

With this being a public forum I realized I couldn't go that far, but it has helped me immensely, especially while going through infertility treatments. I started to write more and more here and less and less in the journal. Then as more family and friends started to read, I now use my journal for more personal feelings, especially those connected to family and friends, and my blog as a way to share Samuel's development with everyone, especially those who live far away. I also write on a number of other topics too, but nothing that falls under the following categorie:.

* pictures, if I am asked not too
* Samuel's birth mom, "K," will forever be "K," as that was her request
* personal letters that I send to "K"
* information that Richard or Samuel (etc) ask me not to share
* Samuel's birth family, as that is his information to share or not share
* anything that could be hurtful or emberassing to someone
* marriage problems
* sensitive issues in my family.

I have never been accused of "exploitation" or "invading their privacy." So, I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. I have been accused of "TMI" on occasion, but then my response is, "Then don't read my blog."

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