Sunday, September 6, 2009

SWAT, Recovering Puppy and OMG

I meant to publish this on Friday night, but it took my this long (and the help of hubby) to figure out how to hook up my laptop to the ETHERNET cables that I have for my home computer. So after our delightful thunderstorm on Thursday I'm now on the net again. I felt lost not being able to type anything or access, FACEBOOK, my e-mail or blogs. Here is my week in review


"Question Boy" was absent for his second day in a row and it was glorious! Even the kids noticed that everyone got along. What a difference one child can make!

We had a SWAT situation in the neighborhood near two of the bus stops, so the buses brought the kids back to school and we had to call the parents to have someone pick them up. I only had two, but some teachers had 6 or 7 children to keep track of until their parents arrived.

A 10 year old has shot and killed his father. The boy said his father disciplined him too harshly. He also has a 6 year old sister that was in the house at the time of the shooting. So, so sad!


Doesn't Menlo look sad. He spent the day at the vet getting four growths (one on each foot) removed. Boxers are prone to cancer and since Keene died of cancer last October we are very cautious with Menlo.

Ouch! Now we have to keep him from licking them. The stitches will come out in 2 weeks.


"Question Boy" is absent for his 4th day in a row...dare I dream that he moved!

Menlo did great today and the wounds don't look as red and angry today.

Frustrated by:
* kids not learning their states and capitals
* 8.5 million being taken away from state budget for education...retirement will be cut some
* condition of our school building is deplorable.


On Thursdays we have READING BUDDIES with a kindergarten class. This kindergarten teacher, we'll call her "MRS. ANGEL," just got a new student...well actually a student transferred from another classroom because that other teacher didn't know what to do with him. I am very worried. This boy, we'll call him, "OMG BOY," growls, hits, tries to bite, runs away, hits his fist in his hand, stares you down, yells and is very defiant. And he's a teacher's kid! My 5th graders are scared of him! "MRS. ANGEL," has told my students and I that he just wants attention and that unless he is violent with them to try and ignore it. "OMG BOY," actually listens to "MRS. ANGEL,". She is amazing! I wouldn't survive a day in kindergarten!

In the evening we had a MASSIVE THUNDER AND LIGHTENING STORM and the power went out a number of times. Later on I noticed our computer wasn't on. I clicked the ON button...NOTHING! OMG! I waited a few hours....NOTHING! OMG! Richard will take the computer to the apple store on Monday and see what they can do.


The superintendent came to our school on Monday and was shocked by the conditions. The roofing company was fired on Tuesday. By Thursday the new company was getting themselves organized and by Friday we noticed a MAJOR difference. I hope this project is finished soon!

"Question Boy" has now been absent 6 days in a row. After 10 days they will disenroll him. I called mom's cell phone and left a message asking if he was ok, but I haven't got a call back yet.


Now I am enjoying my long weekend. Hubby actually has Monday off. Totally an unheard of treat in the retail business. I'm trying to get a picture of Samuel's two front teeth. They are so cute! Lots of fussiness and drool going on here. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend too.


Jill said...

All I can muster is HOLY COW!!!!
Hope next week goes better!
Hugs, Jill

Melba said...

WOW, any one of these days would have been enough to fill up an entire need a nap!!!