Monday, September 21, 2009

Must Have's from SKY MALL

Every once in awhile I go to SKY MALL to see what the latest MUST HAVE'S are. Here are my latest finds...

Everyone will want one of these Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bars for $299.99. Can't you just see yourself lounging while your children scream around you. At least you'll have the energy now to deal with them.

How about this NeckPro Traction Device for only $54.95. After a tough day at work you can mount yourself on the back of your bedroom door and relax watching the evening news.

Get these Deluxe Prism Glasses for only $49.95 while they are still available. You can look like your sleep reading and really impress your friends.

This Kryptonite Capsule Pen is just $49.99. If you are constantly being harassed by SuperMan this is the pen for you.

Remember wanting to be Wonder Woman when you were a kid. Well, now you can be just like her with this Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet for only $24.95.

This is the Nano Wand Scanner for $159.99.

The information on it says, "Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, in 10 seconds. Stop the spread of infectious diseases - From the common cold and flu bugs to deadly E. coli and Asian bird flu- with a Nano disinfectant scanner. Proven effective by independent testing laboratories, these devices use Nano-UV light to destroy all kinds of microorganisms without toxins or side effects. They also reduce dust mite populations in mattresses, pillows and carpets at home or away. Simply pass the scanner over any area for 10 seconds and you're done. Use it anywhere."

With the SWINE FLU scare, this will be all the rage.

Do you have just three friends and you want to entertain them in your pool? The Ahh-Qua Bar for $39.99 is for you. Once you get in no one can leave, however, because the others will tip over.

Are you hooked on the WEATHER CHANNEL? This Wireless Weather Station for $299.99 is what you've been waiting for. I bet if you attach all this stuff to your house, it will really aggravate your neighbors too.

Have you ever wondered who is related to your pup? The Canine Geneology Kit for $59.95 might just solve that mystery for you. Never again will your children have to wonder where their puppy came from or if they have a pure bloodline to try to make money from.

These truck antlers for $24.99 will really show your red-neck side. Come proud!

Have you found something you just can't live without? Comment and let us know what you'll be running out to buy.

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Connie said...

I like the antlers! Good thing, too...they are the only thing in my price range.