Sunday, September 13, 2009


My mother has always had a prayer list and I've now started one of my own. So each Sunday I will publish the prayer requests of anyone who e-mails me. Please keep us updated as God answers your prayers too.


Annie says, "Praise God we got legal custody of the kids and Mama has signed the relinquishment papers. (we'll save our frustration with the state dragging their feet on not terminating until Nov) but we are so thankful that after 4 years and 6 months (that hurts to say) we are making progress."

Lana has been approved to adopt!!!

Who we are praying for this week...

* My mother's hip and heart to stay healthy.
* Debbie needs quick healing for her dislocated knee!
* Janice's cancer has returned...prayers for healing
* Financial and job prayers needed.
* Fires to end near the L.A. area and no more homes and lives to be lost.
* Debbie-prayers for her depression and more acceptance for her daughter.
* Stellan needs our prayer to heal his little heart.
* RB to have God bless her with a baby soon.
* Sissy and hubby to be matched and bring home their baby soon.
* Amy needs to come home
BB's husband's job situation.
* "K"-the birthmother of our baby
* Bri's hubby's job situation.
* Uplift Michele's spirits
* Dawn - husband to hear God and find his way to Him
* Christy prayers and praise
* Rebel may your troubles end soon and blessings for Turtle
* our economy
* quick healing for Amy
* all service men and women that they may come home soon
* peace in the Middle East
* computer to come home healthy and no lost information.

E-mail me if you want me to add someone to the weekly prayer request. God Bless.



Lana said...

Thank you for including me in your weekly prayers. I am so grateful to you

Debbie B said...

Thanks girl! Knee is doing great. Actually wasn't even dislocated. Just needs a bit more rest and some attention and I'll be as good as new. No more running into gates for me apparently.