Friday, August 21, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

If you read this post about learning being on hold, you'll know the first two weeks of this school year have not been fun.

Today was no better....

Remember the story, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. The story was about a day in Alexander's life that was really bad. I can really relate to Alexander today.

I had to work in another room again today because they were again causing the "jack-hammer" noise above our heads and we didn't have air-conditioning. I am basically two days behind now in what I need to teach because of all the moving around and chaos.

To add to my day, after the first recess two of my girls, Tinker and JO were given discipline slips because they were hitting and pushing a boy who had kicked them. Rule: "All parties hitting, pushing, kicking etc...get discipline slips."

Then during vocabulary three of my boys told me that AR took YVE's book and was copying her answers. I asked both girls to bring me their books. YVE tried to make it out that AR had taken her book, but come to find out YVE handed it to AR. Two more discipline slips for cheating and lots of tears. Rule: "Both the cheater and the person(s) helping them to cheat...get discipline slips."

Finally, while driving home and over half-way there, I realized that I left the camera I brought to school to take pictures of the bad a shape our school is in on my desk. So, I drove home (25 minutes) to relieve the babysitter, put Samuel in the car, drove back to school (25 minutes) and looked in my camera. Now drive back home (25 minutes). At least I can have a drink now! I'll have to wait until Monday to check the other room I was moved to (It was locked. I didn't have a key. The janitors weren't even around to let me in.). God, I hope it's there, otherwise we are out about $300. Rule: "Frustrated and tired teachers lose their personal belongings if they don't take them home immediately." UGGHH!

"I think I'll move to Australia!"

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