Sunday, August 2, 2009


This is my last week of vacation, as I start a new school year on August 10th. I've had a very relaxing, productive and enjoyable summer.

I read these books....

....all great reads, if your interested in a recommendation.

There was the exciting day when I crunched the garage door...remember this post about the poor garage door, well MR. GARAGE DOOR MAN (that fixed it), told me it wasn't "totally" my fault. I knew our door had sensors at the bottom so that if something was in the way it would stop the door from coming down. Little did I know that this sensor should have made the door stop and go back up when it hit my CRV (You learn something new every day!), but the tension in the garage door opener was configured wrong. MR. GARAGE DOOR MAN fixed this too!

I've been looking into selling this... I can buy this...
I think it would fit better in our kitchen. Richard and I priced these booths at American Furniture and if I can sell the butterfly leaf table...(It seats 6-8 people. I thought it was a good idea, at the time, because I have such a large extended family, but the only meal we ever extended it for was Thanksgiving.)...for $500.00 then we should be able to swing it.

We've done a lot of this! I love spending time with my little man. I can't wait for the rest of my family to meet him his week.

I've spent a lot of time with Mom and Dad too. We've had dinner together, played cards and gone shopping. My mom loves to shop. Ok, so do I and Samuel is at the age where he has no choice!

I even found time to organize my cabinets and pantry and clean out my files.

And to finish off the summer, my niece, Heather, is getting married on August 8th. We have A LOT of family coming to town. All my siblings (4 brothers and 3 sisters) and 12 out of 17 grandchildren will be here. It will be a crazy few days! Some family arrives as early as Wednesday, but most are coming in on Friday. We're all going to dinner on Friday night (Reservations for 25, please!), Saturday is the wedding and reception and then Sunday we have a barbecue at my sister's house. I'm bringing two large crock pots of CALICO BEANS! I can't wait to share with you the prolific pictures that are sure great!

We are all healthy and happy. God is so good!

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