Friday, August 7, 2009


This weekend will be very busy with my niece, Heather's, wedding. So we hung out by the pool this afternoon and relaxed. It's hard getting all of my siblings together because of living all over the country, but by late tonight we will all be in the same state. So far... brother Kent, and his family have arrived from North Carolina. My mom loves hanging out with all of us. 

My sister Marykay and her family are here from New Hampshire.

My brother Mark from California and my sister Karen from New Hampshire, with their families have arrived too. The hat my brother is wearing is called a Tilley Hat. They have a lifetime warranty. My brother has had his since the '80's. There was a story included with the hat...An elephant trainer was wearing his one day when the elephant took it off his head and ate it. A couple days later it came out the other end, he cleaned it up and still wears it. Now that is a good hat.

Five of the 12 grandchildren, Steven, Hannah, Abigail, Mae and Carly were having fun in the pool! You can't tell, but the boy in the middle, Steven, is over 6 feet tall. We are still waiting on my brothers Kurt and John to show up. 

My brother and I got our toes painted! My brother let his twin daughters do his.

There will be about 25 of us for dinner tonight at El Pinto. I wish we could all get together more often, but it's difficult with so many of us. I'm going to be tired after this weekend, but it's great seeing everyone. Then I get my new class of kids on Monday.

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