Thursday, August 27, 2009


So last week I gave out 4 discipline slips and today I gave out two more.

Before Literacy Block begins I send everyone for a bathroom break so that they won't leave during reading groups. As I'm standing by the bathrooms waiting for everyone, three of my boys come running out of the boys rooms saying that "AS" was choking "QUESTION BOY," but that "QUESTION BOY" started it by pushing "AS".

Of course both boys point the finger at each other as to who started it. After much questioning by both myself and the principal, we find out that "QUESTION BOY" did push "AS," but he says it was "by accident" and "AS" then chose to put his hands around "QUESTION BOY'S" throat to make him stop.

I have known "AS's" family for many years, as I have had all three of his sisters in years past and I haven't had any problems with "AS" at all. Personally, I think all of my students are at their wits end with "QUESTION BOY'S" behavior and "AS" had just had enough.

Both mom's came down to the school. "AS's" mom was very supportive and was ok with whatever punishment we deemed necessary.

On the other hand, "QUESTION BOY'S" mother feels like he is being picked on by the the other kids for no reason. "QUESTION BOY" never takes any responsibility for his behavior and now I see why. I tried to explain to her that I have caught him in multiple lies, isn't doing his work, is very manipulative, is in everyone else's business and is very impulsive. I also told her that I thought it may help him if she were to enroll him in Karate or baseball etc. She told me he is ADHD, but that he hasn't been on his medicine for about 6 months. She was hoping he didn't have to go back on his medicine, but now feels it may be necessary.

I don't like labeling kids and putting them on drugs. I think a good 85%-90% of these hyper kids just need another outlet to channel all that energy, especially boys. Girls are much better at sitting for long periods of time and listening, but boys need to be up and moving and be involved in physical activities. I think too many parents use the label as an excuse for poor behavior.

Unfortunately, kids like this, that can't learn to control themselves, end up having even worse problems in middle school, because they're not monitored as closely and the 7th and 8th graders are not going to stand for antics like this from a little 6th grader. He'll say or do something to annoy one of the older kids and they'll just "pop" him one.

"QUESTION BOY" will be gone tomorrow, as mom is having him reevaluated by their pediatrician for his ADHD. I'm hoping for a calmer Friday. I'm going to make constructive use of this break from him to come up with some new strategies to use to curb his behaviors and to change my negative attitude about him. I need to start fresh with the little man on Monday or my year will not be bearable.

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Kris said...

I'm sorry. It must be horrible to have parents who are not willing to do the "hard" work to ensure their child is prepared to learn in the right environment. It really is too bad that instead of giving him an outlet for his excess energy (and a little more parenting), he's rather medicate. I would imagine it's a fairly common problem.