Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mary Kay and Karen

I love when my older sisters visit from New Hampshire. They are such great ladies. This is Mary Kay and her husband Andy. They are wonderful parents to....

...these two young ladies, Hannah (left) and Carly (right). They are very respectful, love to laugh and do not act like punky teenagers. I actually enjoy being around them. I am also Hannah's God-mother.

Andy was so nice to take a turn when Sam got cranky. He's doing the daddy bounce.

I love to see my mother laugh and Andy can make that happen. He gets embarrassed easily and will hate that I have published this....

...picture of him and "Charlie," his new best friend.

This is my other sister, Karen, and her husband, Brian. She's my God-mother! She is so easy to talk to and a woman of AMAZING FAITH! We share a special bond because we have both adopted children. She had two children naturally (They couldn't attend our big gathering. So sad!), and then she adopted Stephanie (as a baby) from Korea. 

This is Stephanie and her boyfriend, Brian. They both go to college in Boston. She, for design and he, for architecture. A perfect match. Stephanie is a great girl too. Very mature and has a great head on her shoulders. We all thought her boyfriend fit right in to the family...hint...hint.

Here are Richard and Stephanie having a deep discussion about their views on adoption. They both feel that their birth-mothers loved them, but couldn't support them and chose to give them a better life. They love the families they have now and have never felt a need to find that other part of them. 

I do have a third sister, Genie, but she gets a post all to herself!

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RB said...

It looks like you have a wonderful extended family Tracey!