Tuesday, August 11, 2009

L is for...LOVE

...is for LOVE! This past weekend all my siblings and a lot of cousins came together to celebrate my niece, Heather's, wedding. My face is sore from smiling, crying and laughing.

I am proud of each of my siblings in a different way. Being the youngest, I have always watched their lives closely and they have had just as much influence over the woman I have become, as my parents have. In this group we have stay-at-home moms, engineers, a teacher, secretaries, business professionals, salesmen, a general contractor and retired military. All of us college graduates.

My parents are amazing people too. Mommy just turned 86 and Daddy will be 86 in October. They are in excellent health. They play ping pong, bridge and still swim a lot. My mother loves needle crafts, going to yard sales and will tell you she is in a group that sings for the "old people." My dad loves the Internet, takes a Spanish class and is one of the drivers that takes non-drivers to their doctors appointments. They have been married 63 years!
These people are the next generation. We have students, a lawyer, musicians, interior designers, a stay-at-home mom, engineers, furniture builders, an automotive worker, a family therapist and a few cute little ones that either want to join the circus or be astronauts. There are also 5 more cousins and 4 great-grandchildren that couldn't make it and we missed them a lot. 

We may not live close together geographically, but our hearts are linked so that distance and age mean nothing. We are blessed to have such an amazing family! God is so good!

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