Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friday Night Fun

All the family arrives at El Pinto for a wonderful dinner. 

My brother, Mark, who is normally as bald as my brother, Kent, who is standing next to him, walked in with this funny hat became the hit of the night.

The twins, Mae and Abigail, got ahold of it and made everyone wear it!

Here is my sister, Marykay, getting her turn!

My nephews, Peter and Steven, are from North Carolina and I hadn't seen them for many years. They are not each over six feet tall.

We sat around for about 3 hours eating, drinking and having lots of laughs. We don't get together much, but when we do, we make up for lost time fast and it's like we've always been together. 

Family is wonderful! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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