Monday, July 27, 2009


The first day of school is in two weeks. At the end of last year we had to move all our furniture to the tile area so the janitors could clean the carpet and then they moved it all to the carpet to wax the tile. I found all the furniture in a large pile in the middle of the room. It took me two full days to get it to look this way. Here are the four corners of my classroom.

This whole wall of the classroom is for writing and language arts.

We post data for writing and spelling assessments. I have a bulletin board like this for math and reading too.

Here is the reading area. I have a bunch of large pillows for the kids to use too.

In the back corner, by the yellow bulletin board, is my desk.

Storage cubbies for everything from tape and crayons to glue and calculators.

This is the math wall.

I love getting new posters. The pocket chart was one I splurged on this year. They have to match fraction, decimal and percent with the picture.

These are the "kid friendly" standards that are posted for every subject.

Here is the front of the room. I'll be teaching from where the overhead is. The desks are waiting for their new occupants. 

I spent all day, last Thursday and Friday, redoing schedules (multiple times...long story don't ask), setting up my new lap top, making copies, organizing my cabinets and putting the final touches on the room. Now all I have to do is study the new behavior plan they want us to implement, write plans for Math, Writing, Science and Social Studies and probably make more copies. I try to plan out a month in skeleton form and 2 weeks in detail just to start.


M/J Granata said...

Wow... totally impressed with your organization! It looks fabulous!

RB said...

It looks great Tracey! Our first day of school is next Thursday. It's time that I get organized :)

KLTTX said...

Looks amazing. I hope my sons have teachers that care as much as you when they get older. My oldest starts kindergarten this year.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the lack of a gaping hole in your ceiling, did you get a new room, or did the guys fix it?