Saturday, July 25, 2009


Have you ever seen RATE MY SPACE? I went on HGTV today and uploaded pictures of my kitchen, living areas, master bath, office master bedroom and back yard. Now I feel worse then I did before.

I got a lot of comments, but the suggestions aren't possible and they don't realize where we started out and what we have available.


* We started with white walls and crappy particle board furniture. Now all the main rooms are painted and we have real, "grown-up" furniture.

* Move the dog kennel and cat play area to another room....there is no other room available where they also wouldn't be seen. Plus our animals are part of the family and we like having them with us.

* Back yard needs a gazebo...code does not allow this.
* Back yard needs walking stones in well worn grass area...that is not a well worn grass's just where it refused to come in well this year.

* Get rid of the child clutter in the living area....child clutter will be there for quite a few years...he's only 7 months old.

* Move garbage can in kitchen to a less noticable area...there is no less noticable area.
* Take all the clutter off the refrigerator....those are family photos and magnetic letters for Samuel...sorry...not moving those.

I guess I asked for their comments by putting my house out there for all to see. I love watching the home design shows, but there is a non-lived-in quality to them. We definitely live here and I don't want people to feel they can't put their feet up or sit on the floor. I love when my home is spic-n-span from top to bottom, but having the time to pull that off hasn't happened since....hmmm....7 months ago...right around the time Samuel was born. I like everything in it's place, but I have a very unorganized husband and this our compromise...he tries to remember where everything goes and I try not to nag him about where things go. There are a lot of things I would love to do......but I'd need one of these make-over shows to provide it....HERE'S YOUR CHANCE HGTV....make over my "CRIB!"

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Kris said...

I am like you, I also love the home makeover-ed look, but ultimately, it does not fit with real life. At least, not MY real life! I said (pre-Megan) that I didn't want a bunch of kid toys/crap in my living room. Well...I don't have A LOT, but I definitely have more than I would like. But, I regularly go through it and move the stuff she doesn't play with very much to her room. And she's not old enough to go play in her room, by herself, yet. When that happens, I can move most of it in there...until then, I'm thankful I have a HUGE LR where I can make a corner all her crap without it impacting every place I walk/sit.

Well, you have gotten their suggestions and should feel REALLY GOOD that your space looks good! I mean, if their comments have to do with things you like there (i.e. photos on the fridge), then you're doing good!