Saturday, July 18, 2009


I don't think you can tell from this photo, but this door is very buckled. I came home from grocery shopping grabbed a few things from the back of my CRV. I "thought" I had shut the back door hard enough to close it....apparently not....@#$%!...AND MANY MORE #$%@!

I went in the door to the house and hit the garage door opener and heard a horrible noise...I hit the button again....OH NO!....I AM IN SUCH TROUBLE! The garage door buckled and I couldn't get it to go back up either. I run to my neighbor,Bill, he tried to straighten it, but to no avail. We closed it manually and locked it. 

I put away my groceries and then called the door company and my home owners insurance. The insurance will cover it, if it's over my $500 deductible. The door company is coming out tomorrow morning to see if they have to fix or replace it. If it's a FIX...we're talking $150....BUT...if it's a replace...we're looking at anywhere between $700-$1000. @#$! AND DOUBLE @#$!

I waited awhile before I called Richard at work. I didn't want to ruin his entire day. He was with a customer, so he hasn't got the full story yet, but he knows it's damaged and not to use the garage door opener when he comes home. I'll let you know the rest of the story tomorrow....pray for a fixable door, please!

Looking on the bright side...the car is fine!


Kris said...

So least the car wasn't damaged too! Hoping the door can be repaired!

Connie said...

Ha ha! I'm sure you understand WHY I sympathize! Get Richard a copy of "The Last Lecture", and maybe it will temper his response like it did Mark's!