Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ahhh...what a life!

Now this is the life! Relaxing in the shade.

Samuel loves being outside. 

He'll lie in the grass watching the leaves and the birds for a good hour, while I read.


Kris said...

Enjoy the days that he will lay still for you while you read!!! The day is just around the corner where you will be CHASING him around the yard!!! Or he'll be running around the yard while you watch him hoping he doesn't run into the tree while looking back at you, smiling, of course!!!

Glad it was a relaxing day!!!

Debbie B said...

Oh yes, I was thinking the same as Kris. Just wait till he starts running. But then you'll just start enjoying that new phase I know. Just not get as much done as you did while he was still.

Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon. He looks at complete peace in nature.

Becky said...

So sweet!!! Baby J likes to do that too!! It is nice that they can't move and take off yet!!! ;o)