Friday, July 24, 2009

ADOPTION ROUNDTABLE...What a blessing!


The writing prompt for this week is:

Write about a small moment that open adoption made possible.

Since Samuel is only a baby (and we haven't had any contact with "K" since the adoption was final) we haven't had occasions to tell him about his birth family yet, but the MOMENT that I will forever remember and would not have been possible without an open adoption, is Samuel's birth ("K" graciously invited us along on all the ultrasounds too.).

WOW! WHAT A BLESSING! It is an amazing moment to remember the birth of your child, one that a lot of adoptive parents can't say that they have had. Only in an open adoption situation is this even a possibility.

When Samuel asks about the day he was born, I can tell him about being up in the wee hours of the morning, the long wait for him to be born and how hard "K" had to struggle to bring him into this world. I can tell him how we were so scared when we saw the umbilical cord wrapped around his throat and how he had to stay in the NICU for two days.

Having had the experience of carrying a child denied me, being at Samuel's birth was that much more special to me. I can only speak for myself, but not being able to get pregnant has made me feel less like a "real" woman and being able to be at his birth gave some of that back.

God may not give us all that we ask of Him and we may never know the reasons for His decisions, or even like His decisions very much, but He does bless us in amazing ways, if we only take the time to look and really see them for what they are. God is so good!


Becky said...

I wasn't at the births of either of my children and I wish that I had been. They each had a NICU stay of 1 week after birth so, I've always wished I had been there for them during that time!

What is your openness agreement with K? Will you not be having anymore meetings with her?

Jess said...

AMEN to the last paragraph! So much is a mystery, but if you look, there's almost always enormous beauty...sometimes in ways you never imagined.

We, too, were at the birth of our daughter and it was amazing (and terrifying, as I ended up pg at that time, long story). I think that honestly, that was when I really realized that the openness really did make us ALL family, not just make our daughter our family.