Sunday, May 3, 2009


My mother has always had a prayer list and I've now started one of my own. So each Sunday I will publish the prayer requests of anyone who e-mails me. Please keep us updated as God answers your prayers too.

Who we are praying for this week...

* K-the birthmother of our baby
* my mother's health and well being
* Annie is hoping kids will be out of foster care and adoption will be speedy
* Elisa's anxiety disorder and her trip to CA in June.
* my student's family situations
* Uplift Michele's spirits
* Dawn - husband to hear God and find his way to Him
* Christy prayers and praise
* our economy
* healing for Amy, her mom, dad and Allie.
* all service men and women that they may come home soon

Prayers that have been answered:

* Kathleen brought home her new baby, Whitney.
* Melba brought home her new son.

E-mail me if you have someone for me to add to the weekly prayer request. God Bless.



Melba said...

!!! Thank you, Tracey! All of your comments, and now this really mean the world to me. OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED AND WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!



annie said...

They didn't file the transfer of custody. We are now praying that they will indeed file for termination on Wednesday as they promised us, and not wait until October as they wrote in court papers. Yikes.

Yay! for Melba. So cool!