Saturday, May 9, 2009


This is my 6th grade class. I remember having to learn all the states and capitals that year. My teacher was Mrs. Govoni. Love her hair! Can you find me in this picture?

The boy next to me, Mike, was the most popular, but got in a lot of trouble. I remember our teacher, Mr. Ramsey, getting so mad that he threw a chalk eraser at him and it hit him in the eyes. Mike had a rectangle of chalk around his eyes, but he was too cool to wipe it off. The same teacher threw a piece of chalk, from the back of the room, at the blackboard in the front and it shattered the chalk, leaving a dot. The teacher said, "Now, write a ten page story about that dot!" The following year that teacher had a nervous breakdown and left teaching.

The third boy in the front row, Chris, always had the cutest smile and I had a "wicked" crush on him all the way through high school.

The last boy in the front row is Bobby. You may remember him as "book pusher."

The first girl in the middle row is Tammy, the "fashion model" and "most popular," my best friend Elisa is next, then Peter, who was actually a twin and finally, Caylene, who is now a very straight laced mommy with 2 kids. I never would have seen her in his role.

In the back row is Robyn, we were born one day apart and we NEVER got along...enough said. Nicole is the other girl in that row. She was nice to everyone and never flaunted that her family had a lot of money. She actually seemed a little embarrassed bringing the car she got for her 16th birthday, to school.

The boy in the top row, third in from the left is STUART CARKIN. He's actually 5 years older then us. He was in my older brother's class and when we got to kindergarten they started promoting him with us. He's mentally handicapped and I keep in contact with him to this day. I always took care of him. He is so sweet and innocent and I always felt responsible for him. When we moved on to high school his parents put him in a "special" school. He now lives at home with his mother, loves to ride the lawn mower and sends me a Christmas card every year, telling me what he got from Santa. 

I was so insecure back then. Just seeing this picture brings back so many memories!

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Peter Bradley said...

Sure am glad it wasn't me who pushed your books back then. Love your blog. Cangrats on being a new Mother!