Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TWO SENSE TUESDAYS #6...Circumcision, yes or no?

Being a new mother I seem to get a lot of advice, which can be helpful, but is also very frustrating when it's from people who are insistent that their way is the BEST way. I also get advice (because I'm an adoptive mother) from those who think that my son is just a stand-in until I get "the real thing."

Each week I will post a new question. I'd love it if you'd play along and offer us new mothers your pearls of wisdom.




Melba said...

Well my hubby is from Scotland, therefore uncircumcised, which isn't a big deal. We haven't decided what we would do yet if we were matched with a little boy. On one hand, I sort of feel strongly that since we're in America where circumcision is the norm, he should be circumcised. On the other hand, I do sort of think it's an unnecessary procedure that is pretty highly overrated in this country. Hmmm, I will be interested in checking back to see what some of the other responses to this one are...


Michele said...

We chose not to circumcise either of our boys. After doing the research we could find no compelling reason to have it done. Both of our boys came home at 4.5 months and would have been put under general anesthesia and we did not feel comfortable putting them under.
Many families today chose not to have their sons circumsied.
Sometimes I have heard families say they want thier sons to look like their father. I had to laugh at that since my boys are Korean and look nothing like their father so circumcising them would not make them look more like their dad.
I think that it is a very personal decision and each family has to make the choice that is best for their family. For us we chose not to. There were no medical reason nor religious reasons for us to have it done.
There is really no right or wrong answer.

Rebekah said...

We're circumcising baby boy FOR SURE! He already isn't going to look like his daddy in so many other ways...this is one area we can control the consistency! I think it's important for social reasons. Normally, I would never advocate "being like everyone else"...but this is one instance I'm firm on!

I have a cousin who is 12 now and WANTS to be circumcised and wished his parents had done it when he was a baby. Poor guy!

Headless Mom said...

We did. As a mom I didn't want to have to answer the 'why is daddy's different?' question. And, when done as an infant, still in the hospital, there is really no lasting pain or risk.

TXMom2B said...

We didn't. I let my husband decide, and, even though he is circumcised, he insisted that our son not be. It was a big deal to my husband and I had no opinion so that was easy. My husband said that our religion (Catholic) was against it, but I never saw anything about it myself and I think that there is no official position on it. I really don't care what he looks like down there, since only his wife will see it (we hope, anyway) so I never understood that argument. Our pediatrician didn't have an opinion on it, and we didn't ask anyone in the family and no one ever brought it up. I know that it'll have to be cleaned eventually, but I'll have my hubby take care of that and teach our son since it was my husband's decision in the first place. I figure, the worst case scenario is that our son really wishes it was done as an adult, and he can get it done. Yeah, it'll necessitate a recovery, but, if he wants it that bad, he'll get through it just fine. I'll just send him to his dad if he has any objections!

Hugh7 said...

TXMom2B, your husband is right, the official Catholic position is strongly against it. Just make sure your husband does his homework and knows that it's not to be retracted until it's good and ready. Your son will find out for himself when that is.

Rebekah, 12 year olds always want what their peers have (or in this case, don't have) but when he's 15 and knows better how it works, I bet he'll change his mind.