Saturday, April 18, 2009


One of the things I find myself doing a lot is looking on sidebars and clicking on blogs other people like to visit. I'm usually attracted to the names first, then the theme and design of the blog. If it looks interesting, I'll bookmark it to investigate later. I usually go back a few times before it either gets deleted (those that I don't find interesting or don't post often) or added to my sidebar and to GOOGLE READER. I thought I'd start a new series where I tell you about a few of the new and interesting places I've found.

Bluebird's Classroom is a fun blog run by a middle school teacher. I love reading her rants and now I don't feel so alone. Keep it up Mrs. Bluebird.

Lana lives in Barbados. She is a 27 years old, single lady going through the adoption process. She also has her grandmother living with her. I know the process can be difficult. I wish her an easy and speedy journey.

Mother's Raising Boys "Mothers Raising Boys is about providing some feedback about how to raise your sons into fantastic men. Boys are wired differently so raising them can be a bit of a challenge. What we aim to do is give you a framework and a little bit of advice on how to raise your boys from women who can be considered experts. We are trying to create and build a community where mothers can do their socializing as well as find opinions and answers on questions they might have."

So those are my BLOG SPOTLIGHTS that, I think, you should visit! Tell me where you like to lurk and what your favorite blogs are and maybe I'll feature them here. Happy Hopping!


Lana said...

Thank you for the spotlight Tracey!!!! Samuel looks really gorgeous with his zebra

Anonymous said...

Finally got it Sweetie Babe.