Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If you haven't heard yet of Jennifer McKinney and her son Stellan, go here and listen to the news report that was done on them recently. Jennifer's blog is MY CHARMING KIDS.

"McKinney thought her son Stellan would never take a breath. She was 20 weeks pregnant with her fourth child when he was diagnosed with SVT or supraventricular tachycardia—essentially, Stellan’s heart beat was too fast.
But Stellan fought and was born healthy and stayed that way—until a week and a half ago. The five-month-old is now at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis fighting for his life."

She has received so many pictures of Stellan's name all over the world. Go here to see STELLAN'S NAME GALLERY. I think she also needs a picture from ALL 50 STATES. I'll be emailing this picture to her today, so NEW MEXICO is checked off. Why don't you send in a picture of STELLAN in your state too! The email address is

Prayers for Stellan
Many of us are praying for Stellan and I would like to see everyone have this link on their blog. On the right side of Jennifer's blog you can find the code to use for posting it to your blog too. Please, go grab it now and start praying for Stellan. If you already do, pray harder! God Bless!

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