Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TWO SENSE OR THE ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK #1...When to try rice cereal?

I came up with a cute idea for a new series of posts. I'm either going to call it TWO SENSE (Yes, I know that's not the right spelling. It's suppose to be a play on words.) or....

....THE ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK. According to my husband, an ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK is someone who sits back and never actually throws the ball, but has lots of criticism and advice on how it should be done.

Being a new mother I seem to get a lot of advice, which can be helpful, but is very frustrating when it's from those who have never been mothers. I also get advice, because I'm an adoptive mother, from those who think that my son is just a stand-in until I get "the real thing." 

So, if you've ever thought, "If only they had....," or "If only they would do it my way," or would just like to play along, now is your chance to speak up!


I'm trying to get Samuel to sleep through the night and have thought about trying rice cereal in his formula a little earlier then 4 months. What do you think?

In your comment tell me which title you like better too! Thanks for playing along.


Michele said...

Well I won't be any help with your question since both my boys came home at 4.5 months old and neither of them slept through the night until they were well after a year old.
I can relate to the advice from women who are not moms though!

I love two sense!

hope548 said...

We did it and he did fine with it. We thought it may have helped him sleep through the night, but when we stopped it, he was still sleeping through the night. I think we started at about 2 months. Make sure you have a nipple with a larger opening if you try it. We only tried it because we knew others who had. Everything I've read says not to give it in the bottle, but our experience was good.

Anonymous said...

I tried that.... it just gave him an upset stomach and constipation. Neither helped with sleeping thru the night. Have you thougth about cluster feeding though? That's where you try and squash a bunch of feedings into a small period of time. That way he'll be really full. It worked really well when I was nursing... :)

Anonymous said...

I think the reason they say not to put it in a bottle is because when it comes to eating they won't want to make the extra effort to learn to spoon feed. But, I think, as long as you make sure to only use rice cereal in a bottle, and only offer vegeatables and fruit later with a spoon, you shouldn't have a problem. :)

Rachel said...

I don't think it makes a sleeping difference. At any rate, I would talk to his pediatrician, who can give you the best advice. We never did cereal in the bottle. Started cereal with a spoon at 4 months, and he loved it right away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracey,

Holly and I started mixing cereal with formula with both of our children very early and it helped tremendously with the amount of time they would sleep at night. We only did this for there night time feeding, around 7pm or so. We started Chelsey at 12 weeks, and when Bailey came along we started him on the mixture at 9 weeks. You do have to make a larger slit in the nipple, but not too big. This took some practice! We got the cereal/formula advice from good old Dr. Bishop. I'm sure you must remember him, he probably delivered you, as he did me!

Another great tip he gave us was to start giving them dry cheerios at around 6 months. It is great for hand/eye coordination and no fear of choking cause they mush up almost instantly when they put them in their mouth.

Hope this info helps, Mike

Debbie B said...

Best advice I got was from my mom. She said to take the advice and then ask my doctor if it differed from what I had been doing.

We started cereal just before 4 months but it never helped her sleep through the night. But I'm playing catch up and I've seen lots of good nights lately for you and Samuel so I'm guessing you don't need this advice anymore just thought I'd put it out there.