Friday, March 20, 2009

Experts vs Reality....part 3

When we found out we were chosen by "K," to adopt Samuel, I went on the internet and found a list of things that "the experts say" you should have for a baby and then I created my list of needs and wants. Stores can be overwhelming and you can go broke buying a lot that you don't need or will get as gifts anyway, so try not to go too crazy. You'll get tons of stuff at your shower and babies grow out of clothes so quickly that you won't need a lot of outfits in any one size. I have a few things that Samuel only wore once or things he never wore because he was born in December and they were newborn summer outfits. Also, the best places to shop for baby stuff are yard sales and second hand stores. You'll save a ton of money.

In part one, I listed the things for SLEEPING, DIAPERING and THE CAR, that I use for Samuel. Then in part two, I listed the things for BATH, MEDICAL and FEEDING ITEMS.

In this final part I will list the things we have for CLOTHES, TOYS and OTHER ITEMS:


Sleep Sacks: Samuel lived in these for the first month until he was long enough and stopped pulling his legs into the fetal position so much.

Footed outfits: Samuel lives in these now. I especially like the zipper ones, they are easier to figure out, at 2 am, then the snaps. I have heavy ones and light ones. Since he was born in December, two piece outfits aren't warm enough and socks are more trouble then they are worth.

Onesies: These are great, but since Samuel was born in December, they weren't a time saver or warm enough. He'll definitely start wearing them when it gets warmer.

Outfits: These are too much of a bother when your baby is new, but they are cute. I bought outfits for after 3 months of age. Buying from second hand stores is the best way to go. 

Hats: Samuel was born in December, so I used one of these almost every day we went out.

Socks/Booties: These are a bother and never stay on newborns. I do have some, but as of yet do not use them much.


Hanging Toys: I hook hanging toy on the carseat handle and stroller handle. It keeps Samuel occupied and makes for some cute pictures too.

Gym or play matt: I got a on with a lot of hanging objects, at a yard sale for $5.00. Samuel loves it. 

Soft Books: I started reading to Samuel almost right away. I got tons of books (soft and board) at yard sales and second hand stores. He has quite a collection already.


Swing: This is not a need and Samuel isn't crazy about it, but he does like it from time to time.

Pacifiers: Samuel likes the large ones they gave us at the hospital. He doesn't hold them in his mouth very well yet, so I tend to hold him against my chest to keep it in. It does sooth him, however. He's starting to find his fists now, so we are using these less and less.

Carrier/Sling: I have a chest carrier that I use quite often. I also got a few slings as gifts. I've used them some, but I think I'll use it more once Samuel can hold his head up and sit.

High Chair: My brother gave me one of his, so I didn't have to buy this and obviously, Samuel isn't using it now, but at least I'm prepared.

So, that's my list of wants and needs...what works for us. I'm interested if any of you have anything different. If you have other suggestions, I'd love for you to add to my list by leaving a comment.


Kris said...

We use onesies a lot in the winter, not so much in the summer. Whenever it is cold, I feel that Megan needs a little extra layer, I put a onesie on under her outfit, whatever it is. If it's a 2 piece the onesie is a must when it's cold, I believe. I do not want her tummy sticking out at all.

I'm of the opinion that Megan should ALWAYS be dressed cute, especially if we are going out. So, we did not wear onesies much last summer, unless we were staying home. If she did wear them, she wore them with shorts or a skirt or capris, but I still didn't like to take her out in them, unless they were a "dressy" onesie. I know, I'm a little fanatic. I just felt like she had SO MANY cute outfits, there's really no reason she's not dressed nice. I still always want her to look nice--even for school where she frequently comes home dirty. I NEVER go out with her in dirty clothes--even if she just put it on and it gets dirty--we change it before we go out. a.l.w.a.y.s.

Anonymous said...

when he gets older you should totally get an exersaucer. I thought they were dumb until I tried them. I, unfortunately have converted more people to exersaucerism than Christianity. I must go repent some more. But totally try one:)

Rebekah said...

For some reason your posts left my google reader so I'm just now reading these...I found them SUPER helpful!!! Thanks for posting! :)