Friday, March 13, 2009

Do you Generic?

Recently Darcie posted on the things that she will and won't go generic on. She's so right! Usually I go with store brands or what's on sale, but some things are just worth the extra money...even in today's economy!

Here are the things I won't go generic on....NO WAY:

* toilet paper....when it comes to your butt, sandpaper, like they have at public schools just won't do....CHARMIN ULTRA SOFT is the only kind that touches my bum!

* paper towels...the cheap stuff doesn't hold up and it comes in smaller rolls....BOUNTY SELECT-A-SIZE is well worth it!

* diapers...leaks will convince you to spend a little more....Pampers or Huggies!?!

* upset tummy is not fun...go with the real thing...Samuel only gets Enfamil Gentlease.

* candy...addicted to my daily CARMELO.

* pens...I've been a writer since I was very young. I love new pens and once I find a pen I like, I am very faithful. I love UNIBALL JETSTREAM PENS! Very smooth lines and they last a long time.

* make-up...I switched around to different brands for years and years until I found ALMAY SMART SHADES and now that is all I use. I've even switched my blush, eye liner, mascara and cover stick to ALMAY too.

* sanitary napkins...I ALWAYS use ALWAYS...enough said!

* perfume...I get one bottle of TRESOR at Christmas and it is the only kind I wear! It lasts all year. Most perfumes make me smell like flowers or my grandmother.

* toilet bowl cleaner...I want to clean it as little as possible and have it stay clean. It took me quite some time to find one that really works...LYSOL CLING...stays on the bowl and makes it minty fresh!

What about you? Are there any brands you are faithful to or is it all about the money? Do tell!


Kris said...

I agree on the tp...I've not found a generic that fits the bill for me. I can't say there is one brand I prefer over another, but I tend to chose Charmin as well.

I'm all about a good paper towel and our local store has some REALLY good generic paper towels. Otherwise, I would spend the extra.

diapers--I actually really like Luvs. You don't get the "saggy butt" look when they get wet and it's easy to tell when they are wet (without looking saggy). I thought I was going to be a Pampers lover, but I honestly like Luvs better. The ONLY Huggies I like are the overnights. I think Huggies smell funny when they get wet.

I also like Lysol for the toilet, but I also like using borox. It works pretty darn well and is super cheap!

Formula--I would have preferred using Emfamil, but Megan likes Good Start. So, Good Start it is. Actually, if you don't need special formula, the generic is honestly not different than name brands.

Laundry soap is another place I don't skimp...always Cheer. ALWAYS.

M/J Granata said...

Hey Tracey... I love your posts... they are lighthearted and so functional! I agree with you on most of the items that you posted regarding generic/brand name items...
I am also picky about some items... but still find myself faltering and constantly trying new things. I am generally very frugal, but find myself loyal to certain brand name items, too!

1) I used to swear by using the brand name zip lock bags! But, now, considering that we use 4 per day (between Mike and I), I have submitted to using the "off" brand. Some days I regret it, but for the most part, I am learning to accept them... I just monitor what I use them for.

2) I actually use the brand name for all of my cleaners... Comet, Lysol, etc... I am a fanatic about having things (counters, toilets, etc...) clean, especially my bathrooms.

3)Milk - - I buy Kleinpeter milk (brand name)... can't do the generic with milk. I don't like all of the added hormones in some of the other brands. I think it is worth it.

4) Mustard--- oh you are so generic, baby! We use mustard everyday on our turkey sandwiches... I eat it so fast, I would never know the difference!!!!:)

5) However... I have to have the real, name brand Ketchup! Can't explain, crazy brain!

6) Detergent... Gain (original scent only)! Have not even tried any of the "off" brands. Creature of habit....? or just plain ol' weird...?????

7) I don't stand on either side of the fence with dish soap.... the "off" brands are a lot 'thinner', but, I suck it up and get over it pretty quickly! This one really depends on my mood on that particular shopping day.

8) Cold cuts... got to be Oscar Meyer... or another brand name. Can't do the generic here... not yet!

9)Bread~!!!! Have to have the real thing! 100% whole wheat/whole grain from a familiar company! I actually buy my bread at whole foods... I believe it is worth it! So crazy!!!!!

Ok, my brain is really thinking a lot about this now... I will have to add more later after I go snoop around my house!

Thanks, Tracey!
Julie G

Michele said...

I use a lot of generic items. Ketchup, mustard,relish, pickles, etc. I have actually found that many generic or store brands are actually better. The boys like pop tarts, they prefer the Aldi brand. They have a better taste then the pop tart brand. Same with pickles. I just bought a huge jar of vlasic pickles at BJ's and they were not crunchy. Once these are gone it is back to the Aldi brand.
Paper towels. I usually buy generic we have tried to stop using paper towels so it really dosen't matter the brand.
TP-none of us can stand the fluffy stuff. I just finished a package of cottonelle and a four pack lasted us less than a week. We normally use scott. Many people don't like it, but it lasts for a long time.
Diapers I do love Huggies and Luv's. Luv's do just as good a job as Huggies and they are much cheaper. I have used every brand of diaper out there and these two are my favorites. We are (hopefully) getting near the end of our diaper usage here so I won't have to buy them much longer.
Formula with both boys we only used Parent's Choice from Walmart. It was cheaper and worked fine.
Cleaners, I used to have a cleaning business and stuck to the same few cleaning products, Cling toilet bowl cleaner, and Tilex soap scum and good old windex. I have been making my own windex for about 10 years now.
Cereal, we buy many generic brands from Aldi, the same with all my baking products, sugar, flour, spices, oil, chocolate chips all from Aldi
Most all of the generic products are made by the big name companies.
My dh works in the warehouse of a diary and they package milk for many different companies, it is all the same milk just packaged in that company's packaging. The only exception is the organic milk which is manufactured seperately.

Ashley said...

You're so funny! I love this post. I will not budge on my Clinque. I try to, it's not good. I ditched paper towels a couple years ago when we went green (we use car wash fleecy towels from Sam's club and re-wash) but before that, I was a Bounty girl!! We love love LOVE the Target brand stuff. The diapers and wipes are wonderful, their brand of organic cleaners rock, their brand of food is super good. Yep, we're Targies! I only buy certain brands of clothing for Declan. I've seen for too many cheapy clothes get shrunk and turn ugly faded with not many washes. I love Gymboree, GAP, Old Navy, Crazy 8, Children's Place and Carters for Declan. I buy mostly on sale and at our local 2nd hand baby store. :)

Headless Mom said...

I wear Tresor too! If you can wear that you can wear all the lancome perfumes. I love them all but Tresor is my personal fave.

Great idea for a post-I may steal it-with full credit, of course!

BB said...

recently, during our financial crunch I tried to skimp on the tp. NEVER AGAIN! What a mistake! I am also VERY loyal to the cling - it is just amazing! Hubbs always says saran wrap is a brand thing, too. Most other things I don't care too much for. I have been thinking a lot about the diapers/formula brang/generic scenario. Hmm....

Debbie B said...

First I'm so with you on the Always!

I've found that the Walmart brand diapers (Parents Choice) are great. While I like Pampers best they do great for now. Once she's walking and climbing we'll like change to Pampers. And I do Target brand wipes. Can't do Walmart ones but I like how soft Target are.

We use the Parents Choice formula that compares to Gentelease.