Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cheat Sheet for Reducing Fractions

We've been doing a lot with adding and subtracting fractions lately. The kids have a hard time remembering how to reduce, so I came up with this flow chart to help them. I call it a CHEAT SHEET and they think it's cool. They are allowed to use it on their homework, but not the quiz or test. After a few days, I find that they don't even need it anymore.


Melba said...

Great flow chart, Tracey! We're learning about how to teach fractions in my math methods class right now and I can see how this would really help the kids! :)


Kim said...

I always teach my kiddos to "Ask Three Questions"

1. Are the numerator and denominator both even?
Yes - You can at least divide each by 2 but keep asking questions to see if you can divide by a larger number first.
No - Ask next question.

2. Is the numerator a factor of the denominator?
Yes-divide both by the numerator.
No - Ask next question.

3. Do the numerator and denominator share a factor other than 1?
Yes - Divide each by that factor.
No - If you have answered no to all three questions, the fraction is in lowest terms (simplest form). If the answer to question 1 was yes, divide both by 2.

Keep asking yourself these questions as you divide until the answer to all three is no, then you know you are at the simplest form.

My kids chant and memorize these questions until they can use them effectively.

Tonya said...

Too funny that you would just have to label something cheat sheet for it to sink in! Here through the blog party. Nice to meet you. And the picture below with the first tooth...loved it. I did that too ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool idea! Party hopping hippie grandma here in Colorado.

StacieinAtlanta said...

Hi Tracey-

I think that I need this cheat sheet for me! :)

Coming by from the Ultimate Blog Party to say hi. Make certain to check out my place for your chance to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System. :)

The Divine Miss Mommy