Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleep, eating and going to work! Oh My!

Sleeping or lack there of, is still my biggest issue! I never realized how much I needed a good nights sleep until now. People keep saying don't wish away these days, but I do! Even 5 hours, in a row, would be good, at this point.

Yesterday Samuel had his first shots and he was very fussy last night. I couldn't get him to stay asleep for more then 20 minutes until almost midnight and then he slept until 3 a.m. I never did make it to my bed. I fell asleep on the couch. After I fed him, he slept until 6 a.m. He was awake and very cranky all morning. I don't mind him being awake, but I couldn't make him happy, no mater what I tried. He ate again at 9 a.m. and then Grandma came over so I could run errands. He ate for her at noon, but still wouldn't take a nap for her and she loves to rock him. Finally, he fell asleep (fitfully) around 1 p.m. 

We're also back to burping him after every 2 ounces, because he started spitting up a lot. I'd burp him and then lie him down and an hour later he'd spit up (more then normal). I'm going to give it another day and then call the pediatrician. "K" was allergic to milk. I hope he's not developing the same allergy. I use Enfamil Gentlease right now, which has much less milk.

I'm still stressing over going back to work next week. How will I do it all? I am very jealous of you stay-at-home moms! You made an excellent choice and you are truly blessed.


Amy said...

As the verse says on your sidebar...."I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

With Christ, you will be able to do anything.
I'm praying for you, and I promise, before you know it, he will be sleeping through the night. And if you're anything like me...you will still wake up to "check on him." ;) I was so glad mine were sleeping through the night, but many a night I would still wake up and sneak in their rooms just to check. It does go by SO fast.

(((BIG HUGS!)))

Amy said...

Try not to worry too much about going back to work. You have one week left and you want to make sure and make the best of it :) Somehow it all works itself out. I actually found I was much more organized and able to get way more done when I was working. I think if you have to work you have the ideal job as a teacher. You will have lots and lots of time off to spend with your sweet baby!!!

Good Luck!!! I will be praying for you!!!

Melba said...

Good luck going back to work! My sister is finishing the last two weeks of her maternity leave right now and she is stressing too. Hang in there and give yourself a break on feeling like you have to do everything perfectly...one day at a time. :)


Debbie B said...

I remember Isabel's first shots being the worst. The second set she was fussy and sleepy but much better then the first.

We use the same formula (well the Walmart brand). Have you tried the lactose free stuff just to see if it helps some? Avoid soy if you can as we read it can cause an allergy to peanuts. But of course do what the doc says.