Sunday, February 15, 2009


My mother has always had a prayer list and I've now started one of my own. So each Sunday I will publish the prayer requests of anyone who e-mails me. Please keep us updated as God answers your prayers too.

Who we are praying for this week...

* K-the birthmother of our baby
* a smooth transition back to work for me
* my mother's health and well being
* my friend, Janice, diagnosed with ovarian cancer
* my friend, Jessica, who is raising 2 small children on her own and getting very little sleep.
* my sister, Genie's promotion
* JGumm needs prayers for her mother's health
* Bri's hubby's job situation.
* Lisa - prayers for "A's" health, baby and adoption.
* Patti - for their adoption placement soon
* Peace says, "I ask for prayer that any confusion be cleared, and that the way be made straight for my 2 little relatives to come home to us. I also ask for prayer for their biological Mother, (she is addicted to drugs), and their current Foster Family's health and well being during this time of transition."
* Lisa - guidance for hubby & adoption plans to fall into place
* Uplift Michele's spirits
* Reggie Boppy - please match us with a birthmom soon
* Dawn - husband to hear God and find his way to Him
* Trace's baby efforts
* Christy prayers and praise
* Rebel blessings for Turtle
* our economy
* those who have lost their jobs and homes
* quick healing for Amy, her mom (knee surgery) dad (heart surgery) and Allie
* all service men and women that they may come home soon

E-mail me if you have someone for me to add to the weekly prayer request. God Bless.



Julie said...

Thanks so much for your prayers Tracey!

Becky said...

Tracey, I am thinking about you as the day to return to work draws near. I know it will not be easy! My first was about 12 weeks old when I went back. I cried every day! So, I won't lie and say it's nothing!
I think you are blessed in that your hubby's job will have him around some and your sitter is coming to your home. I think I remember that right? That way, your angel will stay in his familiar surroundings.
You can always plan for and re-evaluate staying home. I have lots of friends who couldn't do it initially but, eventually did!
One friend, didn't work when her only son was little. She started part time when he was in middle school. That is when he was busiest and she said she needed to be around more!
You never know where God will lead you in all of this
No matter what, just enjoy every precious second of your mommyhood...even in the difficult moments, I hope you are finding the greatest joy!!