Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wish List

I have a set of bookmarks on my computer of all the "stuff" I would love to have. That way if anyone ever asks what they can get me, I have the suggestions ready. My birthday is coming up on February 22, so in case anyone was wondering what to get me, here is a list of the things that have caught my eye recently.

First, in case you have a little extra money lying around and don't know what to do with it, you could get me the Ergo Carrier, ranging is price from $105-$120.

For those on a budget, the game RUSHHOUR, which is only $19.99, would be nice too.

The Honey Bankable Bookcase for only $219 would be for Sam's room, but I wouldn't be apposed to getting them for my birthday.

I also would love the Primary Storage-Palooza for only $149, also for Sam's room.

I'm a very organized person and the Children's Weekly Clothes Organizer for only $16.99, would help Sam get off on the right foot each day. Isn't this a great idea.

How about a little bling for me. This bracelet is only $31.49 at Overstock.

This reading program is only $199.99. See how unselfish I am, thinking of Sam and not me.

How about a family sticker for my car. The one I designed would be about $30.00.

Finally, I've been watching a lot of tv lately and have see the Buxton Bag for $19.99, advertised a lot. What a great idea!

I can't wait to see what you get me!


L L said...

great b-day wish list...I may "steal" some to put on my own list---my bday is just 2 days after yours!

Becky said...

You're cute!! And, how old will you be?? I love your method for telling your age!!!

TXMom2B said...

I love my Ergo carrier! I highly recommend it. I asked a family member for it when we had our placement. It's easier on my back and A. loves it (most of the time).

I'm also really interested in that reading program. I don't have the money yet, but we may get it when he's older.

Jenn said...

love the clothes organizer!!! btw - i'm sure samuel won't mind if YOU get something for YOUR birthday :)