Friday, January 30, 2009

Whether he wants a bath or not...

My husband was washing the cars recently and our neighbors cat, Boots, came by. Richard has a very big heart and hates that this cat lives outside (Our neighbor is allergic to cats, but his kids love it.). The cat is very friendly and loves Richard.

Richard thought the cat looked very dirty, so he decided to wash him. He's using the scrubbing glove for the car and a little dish washing liquid.

The cat kept walking away.....Imagine a cat, not liking water. Anyway, Richard decided to follow him and continue washing him. The cat wasn't too pleased and after Richard finished he proceeded to roll in the dirt.


Amy said...

That reminds me of bathing the boys when they were little. LOL!:) I would get them all clean, and then they would get syrup all over themselves.;)

Jenn said...

LOL!!!! that is too funny!