Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I love THE BACHELOR, but the other show I am hooked on is TRUE BEAUTY.

Host and Judge Vanessa Minnillo, says this about the show: "The whole philosophy I had behind hosting this show was that the perception of a beautiful person can be changed once their inside is revealed."

This was the first girl voted off last week....don't ask me to pronouce her name....Hadiyyah-lah Sa'id

She was very aggressive, doesn't take crap from anyone, but wouldn't even open a door for a poor guy with his hands full.

Ashley Michaelson was voted off last night. She is shallow and lied about working for a charity just to get some free clothes, but I don't think she should have gone last night. There is someone much worse then her.....

....meet Chelsea Bush. She was in the bottom two on the first show and should have gone home last night. She is rude, ignorant and doesn't get along with anyone.

This is the other one that I think should go. Julia Anderso, is a former pageant winner. She is EXTREMELY superficial and totally fake. She is always posing like she's still in a pageant.

Laura Leigh thinks she is God's gift to men, but is nicer then the other women. She admits she uses her cleavage to get men to give her things.

Monique Santiago is the nicest and least materialistic, but that's not saying much.

Billy Jeffrey is the nicest of the guys, but he is always making everything into a vitamin shake. 

CJ Miller is dishonest. He lied to people, telling them he was working for a charity, in order to get free clothes.

Joel Rush is extremely cocky and thinks he is "scientifically" beautiful.

Ray Seitz is very insensitive, but has a better chance then Joel or CJ.

This show proves that someone may be "beautiful" on the outside, but who they are on the inside will change your view of them. Most of these people have no values and will never be truly happy. Seeing these people compete against each other is laughable. It's sad, but it's like seeing an accident...you know you should look away, but you just can't.


Amy said...

I haven't seen this one yet but I do like the idea behind it.

Ashley said...

I made fun of the commercial but now am mildly hooked now. I was appalled at the last episode...the group that lied about a charity. Ug. I do like the work out guy though.

Annie said...

I keep forgetting to set the dvr to record this, I sooooo wanted to watch it, hopefully it will have episodes online so I can catch up, but next time I turn that tv on I'm setting it to record.

Darcie said...

I wanted to watch that show but I've missed a couple of shows now so I probably won't. :( I'll have to keep checking in here for updates!