Saturday, January 10, 2009

If I can only make this into a pattern....

It's amazing what 3 hours sleep and then 2 1/2 hours sleep can do for the body. I feel very awake and it's only 5:30 in the morning.

I bathed Samuel around 6:30 last night. I think I'm going to start bathing him 3 times a week. Thanks for all your comments on this topic. I kept him awake and he only took a short nap from 7:30-8:30. We fed at 9:00, I put him down at 9:30 and he didn't wake again until 1:15 am. Then I fed and put him down by 1:50 and he didn't wake again until 4:30 am. I got him fed and back asleep by 5:00. Waking only once during the night is wonderful and 4:30 is right before I would normally get ready for work anyway. If this pattern continues, it would be great! He is drinking much quicker with this new formula. His poop was green, but the pediatrician said that was to be expected. I hope we can do this again tonight. I am hopefully optimistic.

I have another question for you....even though all the "experts" say not to put your child to sleep on their belly because of SIDS, I've heard from plenty of people who still do. Do you put your child to sleep on their belly?


Doripink said...

I don't (DJ is 4 months old)...he actually doesn't care for it. Up until he was 3 months or so he didn't hold his head up for long periods of time so I would be afraid his face would get smoothered in the mattress? Once he started moving a lot (at about 4 months) he now loves to sleep on his side. So even though I could put him on his belly, I let him decide what's more comfortable for him...DJ slept until 6am STRAIGHT through last night...Please pray we on to something here! :)

Rach@In His Hands said...

Hi Tracey,

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your son is gorgeous - what a blessing! I'm sure you're having an amazing time as Mommy!!


Becky said...

This is a hard one. I'd be leary of telling anyone what to do. Yes, it is recommended not to put them on their tummy. Funny, I'm your age, and I'm sure if you ask your mom, our generation slept on the tummy and slept better for it! My friends and I have had that conversation many times. Wonder what the SIDS statics were in the 50's and 60's??

My son had reflux. It got bad enough that he woke me one night, gagging in the cradle next to my bed. After that, his pedi. said to put him on his stomach to avoid afixiation (sp??). It was scary for me to do it however, with the risk of choking, we didn't have much choice. He liked it and was fine and he slept better.
My daughter didn't have the reflux so, she was on her back until she could roll over, then always preferred her stomach, still does! Most babies I've known seem to love that position.

My nephews are 17 and 15. I remember with them, it was side sleeping. My sis-in-law had those wedges that you prop them in to keep them on their side. So, it changes. It's been Back to Sleep for a long time now tho.

Sam is just so gosh darn cute!!!
I'm telling you, he keeps making me want to start over!!!
Then,.........not so much when mine are so independent now! :o) Best wishes!
OH, I agree with another commenter, do you have "What to Expect the First Year?" I lived by it!

sarah7181 said...

I actually did put Wyatt down on his belly. Ella I did not. Wyatt had really had reflux though. He would spit up in his crib, and I was afraid he'd choke. Also, laying on his belly helped the acid in his chest and the gas pains. I also put phone books under 1 side of his mattress.

Bri said...

I love all your questions! Keep asking them because I am getting so much info, too!

happymomof2 said...

I don't/ did not, however we were concerned about "flat" head on our daughter, so I would occassionally put her to sleep on her tummy for naps only and I was in the same room with her. I am a little overprotective (my husband would laugh that I put a little!). Now both kiddos once they were rolling would roll on their bellies and sleep and they say that is okay.

Julie said...

When my daughter (now 6) was a baby she was a horrible sleeper at night. She would go from crib to bouncy seat and then finally to sleeping (on her tummy) on dad's chest. Not the safest solution but we were desperate. Finally one day a light bulb went on and I tried putting her to sleep in her crib on her tummy. She slept for four hours. Ever since then she was a belly sleeper. We made sure there was NOTHING else in her crib

My Goodness said...

I let my babies sleep on their tummies...and they both slept through the night by 6 to 8 weeks old. There should be nothing else in the bed with them, so it'd be a good idea to put him in a sleep sack.

Glad he seems to be tolerating the new formula! :)