Monday, January 19, 2009

Are you into fashion like I am?

The following pictures are fashion trends coming your way from Europe....get ready or you won't be "stylin" like me!

The first trend I want to pass on to you is for the ladies that have beautiful lips, but have blemishes on their forehead, have lost an ear or wear an eye patch. I think it may be good for attracting armadillos too.

The second trend, coming your way, is for women who are balding. It is now "totally in" to wear dead fowl on your head. This, of course, is a swan, which I hear Paris Hilton will be showing off soon, but for those on a budget, Target is going to be carrying pigeon head wear.

Finally, I want to share the newest trend in the area of makeup. You can use it to distract from other areas that may not be as appealing. This women is using it so that you'll ignore the mushroom growing out of her head.


Jenn said...

i think the first hat would also be great if you happened to be in a jam and couldn't find anything to strain your pasta for dinner!

hope548 said...

That was hilarious! I kind of thought the last lady looked like someone had vomited on her head! I am so glad to be up on the latest fashion. I don't know how you find the time, being a new mom and all!

Melba said...

LOL, I'm definitely goin' for the first look! :)