Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What I have learned about my son......

This is Samuel's new swing! He loves it! This is been an amazing ride so far and he's only 3 weeks old. Many challenges, but many rewards! Here are some of the things I've learned about my son in the last three weeks:

1. very ticklish on his feet
2. extremely slow eater. I use #1 to wake him up again
3. when he wants to eat, he means RIGHT NOW!
4. has "K's" toes, lips and nose
5. hates the car seat
6. loves the motion of the car
7. loves his vibrating chair...reminds him of #6
8. hates having his diaper changed, but loves it when I'm done
9. likes hum of the heater (I've ordered a white noise machine.)
10. loves to get a bath, but hates being cold
11. grunts and gets extremely red faced even when peeing
12. loves to watch lights
13. very gassy (Milacon drops & Dr. Brown bottles have helped.)
14. gets the hiccups after every feeding
15. loves to stretch his legs..."true" swaddling doesn't work
16. likes to lay on his belly for a few minutes after feeding
17. loves to fall asleep on my shoulder
18. loves to be talked to and will follow voices
19. is gaining about a pound a week
20. likes to sleep on a slight incline
21. is adorable and has everyone wrapped around his finger
22. eats more if I don't interrupt him to burp
23. pacifiers are not real helpful
24. has extremely strong neck muscles
25. likes to have his hands loose from his blanket
26. hands are always by his head and face.
27. likes to have his hands on his bottle
28. sleeps about 2 1/2 to 4 hours at a time
29. 9-12 PM is the fussy time
30. is loved by all, especially Mommy and Daddy!


Michele said...

Awwww how sweet!

Debbie B said...

So nice to see this list. To finally enjoy watching you with your baby.

Isabel always managed to get a leg out of the swaddle blanket no matter how tight we wrapped it. I just finally gave up and took a leg out after swaddling her.
She wasn't too fond of her pacifier either except for sleep but now she looks for it during the day and I try to keep it away except for sleep.

Glad you're all doing so well. So do you feel you have attached to him and are truly his mommy?

TXMom2B said...

Your boy sure is a cutie! We, too adopted a son, A., recently, just over 2 months ago.

A. hates his car seat, too, although he's getting better about it now. He also eats slowly sometimes, although less and less. He used to hate diaper changes but now loves them. He, too, used to get hiccups all the time but not as much now. He loves swaddling, especially the SwaddleMe, since he can let his legs move around with just his arms pulled in. He's the same way about pacifiers, too--they help him fall asleep sometimes, but sometimes they're just a hassle.

Annie said...

Princess' cardiologist showed me an arms only swaddling necessary for keeping hands away from $$$$ cardiology equipment. But you wrap the arms and lay the ends of the blanket underneath the baby. The twins much preferred that, especially here in the sticky south in July.

Mama Smurf said...

Merry Christmas!