Monday, December 22, 2008

I am 2 weeks old!

I am 2 weeks old today! My mom has received some great advice, including the following:

1. Be as organized as possible.
2. Eat, burp, change, feed more, sleep.
3. Lower your expectations on what you can get done in a day.
4. You can't spoil a baby in the first 3 months.
5. Huggies have more padding in the front for boys.
6. Don't worry about the housework.
7. Ask and take any help that is offered.

Any advice you'd like to pass on to my parents would be greatly appreciated.

Second, the lack of sleep has caused some interesting things to happen at my house...

1. 6 pounds of weight loss
2. shaving cream, instead of shampoo, on top of my dad's head
3. dry cereal stored in the refrigerator
4. panic attacks
5. bonding of family members
6. memory loss ("What day is today?")

Please share your funny stories with my mom, so that she doesn't feel alone!

Lastly, she has a few questions for you:

1. How can mom and dad keep me more awake during the day so that I'm not awake all night? (Right now I have night and day mixed up!)
2. What are some techniques you use for putting your babies to sleep?
3. What do you know now, that you wished you knew then?

Thanks for your help. Mommy and Daddy really appreciate it!


Debbie B said...

Best tip I read for keeping awake during the day was when you feed him to not let him fall back to sleep. Keep him up and play for awhile. Good luck with that. We had the same problem.

Not to follow our case workers advice when she said not to worry about getting her on a schedule. That's what I wish I knew then.

We have always rocked to sleep but it's best to rock until sleepy and then put down. I will tell you that she sleeps much better on her stomach and always has. But I know there is the concern of sids so that is up to each parent.

Funny stories... if I think of one I'll be sure to come back and post. I never remember what day it is. ♦

Amy said...

The best piece of advice for me (and I wish that I would have listened to it more) was, "And this too shall pass...." It goes by so fast, so just embrace it.

Another piece of advice that one of my close friends got from her pediatrician was this: Whatever you start doing will be doing for a long time. I was not told that..and it is very true. She used that advice to keep her from starting any "bad" habits with her girls.

As far as "funnies" go....Back when Matthew was born, underarm deodorant was still sold in a spray can ...and one day....I used it on my hair...instead of hairspray. LOL!:)

My boys both went to sleep on their own. I just laid them in their bed and they went to sleep. I had other friends that had to rock their babies, sleep with their babies, etc. to get them to go to sleep. So, all that being said, you will figure out what works best for you and Samuel.

Now, for "MY" biggest piece of advice...Don't compare yourself to others...You are doing a wonderful job, and God gave Samuel to you and Richard to raise....Because He knows that you are the PERFECT parents for Samuel. Period. Always remember that....especially when you are tired. God knows that you and Richard are completely up to the task.

Tracey, it has been such a joy to be able to be a part of and witness to your dreams coming true. You and your family are a blessing to so many.

Merry Christmas to you, Richard, and Samuel!

In Christ,

Melba said...

This is a cute post, Tracey! I would up the "you can't spoil a baby in the first three months" to between 4 and 6 months. According to my child development studies, during these months of a baby's life you are building up the trust relationship and they need to learn that their needs will always be taken care of. You have to base it on your baby, but you'll be able to tell when he's ready to do more self-comforting. :)

I love the stories about the funny things that have happened around the house. Those little details are the ones you would forget later if not for blogging!

Have a great day and be good to yourself. Sleep when he sleeps!!


Kris said...

Funny...let's see...which one?! Well, for starters, just last week I put the peanut butter in the refrigerator, and DH wondered why it was there (we typically store it in the cupboard!). And I've been known to try to put the milk in the pantry (next to the fridge). Happy to say that I caught myself before I close the door!!!

Becky said...

New babies just sleep......try and play and talk but my theory was, they will work it all out and sleep more at night when they are ready! I loved every second of the newborn stuff, even middle of the night. It's hard but, does go so quickly so, like Amy said, just let him develope and enjoy it!!!
You will not get everything done, don't try...just enjoy this time!! I wish I had it back! And my gosh, could he be any cuter??!!!!!!!! ugh!

I need major prayers!!! My friends R and J took a baby home a day ago on legal risk. Now bmom seems to be changing her mind! Please pray for their emotions and for God's will to be done!! Please pray that bmom will do what is best for this baby!!! I'm so worried about them!!

Rachel said...

Don't respond to every peep he makes in the nursery. If you do, he'll get used to you coming every time he makes noise. Try to put him down drowsy, and wait until you hear genuine hungry cry before you go in.

There will be moments when you think, "what have I done?" and are so tired and stressed that you just want to cry. A little sleep will help give you some perspective, and the first time he smiles at you will make it all worth it.

Keep a good relationship with your birthmom, but try not to let it invade your thoughts too much. Concentrate on being mom and dad!


Doripink said...

BABYWISE....Eat, Wake, that order...takes a little bit to catch on, but it works! Buy the book, easy read and it's a miracle! :) I have a 4 year old and 4 month old...too many stories to write :) LOL!

Darcie said...

What a cute post Tracey. I can totally relate...

The two pieces of advice given to me by our fabulous pediatrician:

1. Read, read, read! To your baby, that is. Start now, long before he can understand a word of it, and he'll be a book lover for sure! It will also help him develop his speech skills.

2. After about 4 months babies don't *need* to eat as often. They'll still wake in the night out of habit, but it's not necessary for you to feed him. And when you put him down to bed, do it when he is still awake so that he'll learn to fall asleep on his own. That is such an important skill, if you ask me anyway. From about 5 months of age we were able to go through Jayce's bedtime routine with him and put him in his crib and he'd fall asleep on his own. Still does and I couldn't be happier about it.

Every baby is different though and you have to trust your instincts on what works best for you and your son. I'm a huge fan of schedules for babies though. Hopefully that will work for you too!

Annie said...

All great advice. Best advice given to me is to be soooo boring in the middle of the night, no lights, no talking, just taking care of whatever business is needed to be taken care of.

Also, schedules have worked great for the last three, I was clueless with the first three. But they slept thru the night because I was so boring at night. Boog still has trouble staying up past 8 pm because of his rigid baby schedule. I also agree with the don't start anything you don't want to continue. Like, just this once we'll let you sleep in the bed, next thing you know they're 5.

You'll have this down in no time.

The Mom said...

Sleeping more at night..when you're up to feed in the wee hours, keep lights low or dark. Maybe naps during the day would be shorter with a few less blankets...sounds cruel, but when you're all warm and snuggly you're more apt to staying asleep longer.

Oh and panic attacks, I so feel your pain. It's hard, and I'm not sure if I know any moms anymore who haven't had them! *hug*