Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling Guilty....but SO BLESSED!

Richard and I have talked a lot about how blessed we have been. I feel guilty for our adoption process going so quickly and smoothly and SO MANY OTHERS, not!

We found our agency in January, finished all the paperwork and home study in the beginning of June, became active at the end of June and 6 weeks later got a phone call that we were chosen. Which, by the way, was 3 days after "K" had decided to place her baby for adoption. We've been allowed to all the ultrasounds and now the delivery....totally included and welcomed by "K's" family.

I wish I could give everyone, trying to adopt, our experience!!! There was no drama, excellent caseworkers, great communication and very worthwhile classes. I will recommend our agency to everyone I know!

I have felt the hands of God holding us every day and I would do it all again, in a heartbeat!


Amy said...

God is SO good! You are blessed!:)

hope548 said...

There is no reason to feel guilty. Everyone's adoption process is unique. Your baby just found you sooner than some. I am glad you had such a positive experience. Congratulations and enjoy!

Michele said...

Oh sweetie do not feel guilty. Your sweet Samuel is here because it was God's timing for your baby to find you. I know it is hard to watch other families longing and yearning for the child that God has planned for them. I know when we were waiting for Justin. We had several friends who had their homesetudies done after ours and yet they had their referrals and their children home before Justin. At the time I thought it was so unfair. It wasn't. Our boys were chosen for our family and they came to us at the right time and not a moment before. Hard to see sometimes when you are watching those around you having their dreams fullfilled and yours is not.
You are blessed indeed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe remembering how long you struggled with infertility will help you feel less guilty about your smooth adoption? :)

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I have been thinking of you so much lately and am soooo happy to see this picture and read your words. I felt this way too. We started our adoption process in late Oct. We were matched at the end of March and Yaya was in our home by April 10. Enjoy these days as I know you are. Yeah! I'm crying tears of joy!

Doripink said...

He is beautiful! Don't feel guilty. We had the same experience! We signed in Jan, paperwork done in 3 weeks and matched in 24 days! We got to go to ultrasounds and be in the delivery room as well. We have an amazing relationship with our Birthmother and her family. God is so good. Enjoy! They grow fast!

Debbie B said...

So glad that you have been so blessed. And glad to hear Samuel is doing better. Hope you get some positive results back today.

TXMom2B said...

I felt the same way. We started the process in May and had our son home by October--our son was conceived three months before we set foot in the agency!

However, I agree with Karen about infertility putting it all in perspective. One person told me how lucky I was to not have had any recovery time after adoption (this friend had just given birth a few weeks prior). I told her that recovering from my ruptured ectopic was hard enough and that ended that conversation!

Becky said...

It's difficult for those waiting to see cases like yours but, that is nothing for you to feel guilty about!
We were 18 months from start to baby our first adoption and only 6 months from start to baby our second time.
It's all in God's hands and His time for each individual situation. Just continue to pray for those waiting as you revel in your joy!
Also, lots of prayers for the birthfamily that will suffer a tremendous loss for your joy. That will carry it's own guilt for you as well!

Kris said...

God's hand was definitely in bringing Samuel to you.

Melba said...

Don't feel guys have waited a long time for this, one way or another, and you deserve the happiness you have found! This is your story and yours alone, so revel in the good're a MOMMY now!!!