Sunday, November 9, 2008

Very Productive Day!!

Why does getting a lot of things accomplished feel so good? Are you a "TO DO LIST" person? I am. Every evening I write my list of what I want to get accomplished the next day. I love crossing things off when I do them. I also have a weird habit, where if I do something not on the list, I add it first and then cross it off. I think it's genetic. My sisters do the same thing.

I can't show you my productive day because my hubby has the camera with him (I miss my camera...but that's another post.), in Chicago, but I can certainly write about it.


* grocery shop
* pay bills
* change bed and towels
* laundry
* grocery shop
* cut bushes
* vacuum
* address all Christmas cards
* scoop cat, dog poop
* sweep outside
* clip hair on cat's butt (long story)
* walk dog
* bathe dog
* purge and shred 2008 files
* sort and update all adoption information
* iron
* clean kitchen

BOY THAT FELT GOOD!!! AHHHHH! Now I'm off to dinner with my parents. Have a good evening!


Amy said...

You go girl!:)

It does feel very good to cross things off of the list. Since my back surgery, I have not been able to do as much as I would like, but even though my lists are shorter, it still feels good to cross things off.

I'm glad to know that we are not the only people with "scoop dog poop" on their list.;)

Merlot said...

I'm like that too.

Sheila said...

Way to go!

I had a very productive day, too.

I got in bed after church and read two books.

I needed it!

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to give you crap about getting started on your Christmas Cards way too early, but I can't,,,Because I was busy putting up my outside Christmas lights today! The weather was great today, and I have spent far too many years freezing my (you know what off) so I figured "what the heck" I'm going to get it done and over with!! And so I did, I only wish I was as organized as you and had a To-Do list, cause it would have been great to cross-off that chore!! Hope you had a great dinner with your Mom and Dad! Next time you see them, tell them I said Hi.


P.S. Hope I'm on that Christmas Card list!

My Goodness said...

Great job! I DO know how good that feels...and sometimes I ALSO add things to the list so I can cross them off, hee hee!!!

Hope your cat doesn't hate you now...

Kris said...

Definitely a "to do" list kind of gal. DH puts a checkmark by the items that are finished...but THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH for me!!! I mean you work so hard..I want to see a list with scribbles all over it.

Glad your weekend was productive while Hubby was gone...what a great use of your time!

Annie said...

My hubby is like that, my particular favorite is adding things that he had not planned to the list before he does them. I am the opposite. This week I've got a lot of things to do for our annual foster license renewal, before I wrote it down it seemed huge, after I wrote it down it seemed like no big deal. Martyrdom runs in my family I guess.